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U.S. Mechanical Contractors, LLC specializes in Bulk Liquid Storage Terminal maintenance and construction. U.S. has served the Bulk Liquid storage terminal industry since 1987. We have over 25 years of experience in the installation of tank storage systems which includes design information to the design engineer with an emphasis on operations, maintenance, and construction practices to value engineer the tank storage systems. We provide services for all phases and components of the tank storage handling systems including:

  • Containment systems, earth work, grading, dikes, dike and containment coverings and liners, drain systems, drainage valves, rail and truck containment and pump containment.
  • Tank foundations including current API standards for secondary containment
  • Dock, pipeline and tank cathodic protection.
  • Tank repairs, heating coils, shells, bottoms, roofs, floating roofs, supports, stairs, and handrails
  • Tank systems including venting, heating coils, heat exchanger systems, nitrogen blanketing systems and gauging systems.
  • Hot oil and steam heating system including tank manifolds, piping, expansion loops, shoes, anchors, insulation, and tank heating/cooling control systems.
  • Heat tracing of piping systems.
  • Pipeline pressure relief systems & testing
  • Tank foam system and fire protection.
  • Utility systems including, water, air, nitrogen, safety showers and eye wash stations.
  • Metering systems including product, steam, and nitrogen.
  • Pumping systems including suction, discharge, valve arrangement, and tank manifold systems. Line sizing for suction, discharge, and dock lines.
  • Dock testing and repairs including bollards, decking, rails, cranes, hose systems, breasting dolphins.
  • Pipe line cleaning, testing, grouting, pigging, and pipe casings.
  • Pig trapping and lunching systems.
  • Pipe supports, foundations, pipe bridges, pile supports, and pipe support isolation.
  • Loading racks for truck, rail, containers, and ships.
  • Loading gangways covers for truck and rail.
  • Tank mixing systems including eduction, recirculation, side and top entering mixers, air spargers and tank turnover systems.
  • Demolition of tanks, supports, and piping.
  • Hot taps, cold cuts, and welding on isolated hot lines.
  • Setting, aligning, anchoring, and grouting pumps.
  • Tank and pipeline hydro testing.
  • Stairs, walkovers, platforms, and ladders.
  • Security, fencing, landscape control.
  • Stainless steel/carbon steel


Stephen Abercrombie is President and owner of U.S. Mechanical. He has been associated with U.S. since 2001. He has fourteen years of field experience working as a Plant Engineer in paper mills and bulk liquid storage terminals.  He has extensive knowledge and experience in designing and constructing piping and mechanical systems. He has a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Georgia Southern University.

With over 25 years of experience in bulk liquid storage systems, we are able to assist terminal personnel in responding to storage customer inquiries quickly and accurately. In estimating client accommodations, emphasis is placed on safety, compliance, value, schedule, quality, operation, maintenance and construction.

U. S. management and staff have a wide variety of storage experience with caustics, acids, petroleum, asphalt, tall oil, turpentine, pulp mill liquors, vegetable oils, fatty acids, latex, tall oil, tall oil pitch, fertilizers, fuel oils, bio fuels, and many other specialty products. We know what systems are required to handle specific products. Very few companies have as much technical and mechanical knowledge as U.S. Mechanical in liquid storage, terminal maintenance & construction including stainless and carbon steel.

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